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Hand made and naturally fermented from freshly pressed apple & pear juice. 

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We will not be producing cider for sale in 2016, and have none left from previous years to sell.

After much thought, I have decided not to produce cider for commercial sale in 2016. As many of you will know, 2015 has been a difficult year, and I don't feel in a position to give this autumn's pressing the time it needs, so will be focussing on other projects for the 2015/16 season. We may be back for the 2016/17 pressing - we'll see what happens next autumn.

I will leave much of the website as is for the general information contained.

Thank your for all your support over the years - I will continue to make cider on a small non-commercial scale, and I hope to see many of you at events through the year.


Sorry - but we can't press your apples or hire a press

We've received a number of enquires asking if we hire our press out
or can juice your apples for you.

Unfortunately, the press is bolted to the cider shed floor, and
we need to use the press as much as we can to press juice for our business.

However, Oughtrington Community Centre in Lymm hire their apple press and
Red House Farm, near Dunham Massey can juice your apples for you,
as long as you can drop the apples off and collect the juice afterwards.

Happy pressing!

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